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Bookkeeping is a menial and thankless task that is vital to the continuing success of your business. Think of it as your businesses back bone; remove it and your pride and joy will flop to the floor and you've worked too hard for such an embarrassment.

I've found that business owners who fail to outsource their bookkeeping fall into two camps. You either ignore bookkeeping all together; gauging your business health by your bank balance and any records that you do have go into a file or box for your accountant to deal with at the year end. Or you slave over a handwritten cash book, an excel file or SAGE. You spend hours on it, plugging in invoices and expenses, not getting a value from this task but working late into the night or weekends to get it done.

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be like that. The trick is to spend as little time as possible on it, but get accurate results which you can drill down into, analyse and improve. Your bookkeeping data should be the first thing you consult when you need to make a business decision. You should know what things work, what things sale well, who are your best clients etc… And if you don't, you're doing it wrong.

As a Xero Accountant, I also have Xero bookkeepers and together we have created an automated bookkeeping system which we can manage for you, supervise when needed or just help you to set up so you can run it yourself.

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