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Being a business owner is hard work; I understand because I'm also business owner. It's often far too easy for friends and family to make comments from the safety of their job status, but I get it. You sort out one problem and another comes along and there are days when you feel as though you'll never clear enough time to even make a start on your to do list. Valueless compliance duties, thrusted upon you by HMRC such as your annual accounts, self assessment tax return and VAT Returns can feel overwhelming. It's often just one job too many so you get stressed and ignore it. You'll do it tomorrow.

Although that reaction is surprisingly common; it won't help you or your business. Successful business owners are sat in the drivers seat, not curled up in the boot hoping that the car will not crash.

I'm here to help you.

I am a Xero Accountant based in Cardiff. I know it's unusual to put a software in front of your name, but it makes a difference. Xero is a cloud based accounting software and I am happy to call myself a Xero Accountant. It means that I can set up systems to access your data in real time. I can analyse that data in far more detail than I could if you used excel or SAGE.

This is important.

With 80% of businesses failing within the first 18 months; being a success could be defined simply as “still trading”. That's scary isn't it? All of that passion and drive that you have, all of those hours spent working to try and get your business up and running and “success” could literally just be still doing it. Still struggling, still just getting by, still working every hour possible.

I want your success to be better than that. I don't want you to struggle, missing out on important family occasions, hoping that the HMRC deadlines will just go away and the penalties will vanish.

Together we'll work as a team to understand your business. I'll prepare monthly or quarterly reports for you using your Xero data and we'll meet up to discuss them. You'll plan for your tax bills, your accounts will be submitted on time and you'll know where to focus your energy.

There is a saying that “ being an entrepreneur is working 100 hours for yourself so you don't have to work 40 hours for someone else”. I'm here to make sure that you don't spend those 100 hours investing and creating bad habits that will keep you working those 100 hours. I'm here to make sure that you're not spending those 100 hours doing tasks that I know you could do a whole lot quicker.

Remember: working around the clock does not make you successful.

Take a look at my Xero bookkeeping page to see how my financial tool kit could save you time and help you improve your success rate.

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