Why Choose Us?

I think that Insight Accountancy and Consultancy can offer you something special. We approach compliance with rigour and enthusiasm but we go further than that. So if you are an ambitious business owner or an enthusiastic start up who would like more than a basic compliance service, here is a bit more information about us.

Where we are the same:

We all have a background in accountancy and hold accountancy or finance related qualifications. That should go without saying really. We're here to guide you and make sure all I's are dotted and t's are crossed, so don't expect anything less.

Where we are different:

Everyone who works for Insight has either run, or currently runs, their own business. This is of massive importance to me and it is very unusual in accountancy to encounter this.

How can we, or any other accountant firm, give you business advice when we have no experience of running a business ourselves?

Anyone can look at your figures and tell you that you need to increase your turnover.

However, at insight, we all know what it's like:

  • When your newly launched website is on page 12 of Google.
  • When your sat in your home office, with no guaranteed income and a mortgage payment is looming.
  • Not knowing how to market yourself.
  • Not knowing how to price your services or products correctly.
  • When you’ve got plenty of ideas but no one to talk them through with.
  • When you’re stuck.

Here at Insight Accountancy, we act as your soundboard. Everyone can help you as everyone knows what it’s like. I’ve had some failures but I’ve also had some great successes and both myself and my team are here to share our ups and downs with you.

All of our systems, like our Financial Tool Kit, have been tried and tested on mine and my team’s businesses. We approach everything first and foremost, as business owners because if it doesn’t work in practice, we’re not here to sell you theory.

Plus we'll make sure that you pay the correct amount of tax, and not a penny more!

What more could you ask for?!

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