Registering as Self Employed

Congratulations you’ve decided to work for yourself, you need to let the HMRC know that you’re self employed.

You can register online on HMRC’s website simply click this link:

Register Online

Alternatively you can register by filing a CWF1 Form or you can call the HMRC helpline for the newly self-employed on 0845 915 4515 this covers you for Class 2 National Insurance Contributions and Tax. You should try and do this as quickly as possible, you will need your National Insurance Number.

Please remember to register with the HMRC within the 3 month deadline, or you will be fined £100.

Once your self employed you are now responsible for your own tax and National Insurance, it’s not that daunting, when you were employed your tax and National Insurance deductions were calculated at source and shown on your payslip, with self employment you just need to complete and submit a self assessment.

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