How do you set up a limited company?

You will need a company name and a UK address, which will be used as your registered office; this is where official documentation and correspondence will be sent. When choosing the name of the limited company, you can’t have the same name or similar to (‘too like’) as another limited company. You cannot include sensitive words like Federation or Solicitor, simply check the register to see if a name has been taken.

Check Register

You can set up the company online with Companies House direct, this is often the cheapest, and their staff will be able to help you with filings whether this is done online or paper filed.

You will need to appoint the Directors and maybe a Company Secretary, the Directors are to manage the company’s affairs in line with the articles of association and the law, most people can be appointed however they are exceptions which include undischarged bankruptcy or a court disqualifying you from holding a directorship.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association is part of registration, this involves confirming the nature and activities of the company, it describes what the company is and does, along with the share capital and how this is divided. If you’re unsure about this process it’s often best to speak to an accountant or solicitor before your create a limited company, as this can become complex.

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